Caribbean-American lawyer Kenneth Gayle vies for Civil Court judge to be role model for youth – Caribbean Life (2024)

Attorney Kenneth Gayle, fifth from left, with members of Central Brooklyn Lions Club, of which his late mother was a former president, after addressing the congregation on Sunday at Fenimore Street United Methodist Church in Brooklyn.

Photo by Nelson A. King

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Caribbean-American lawyer Kenneth Gayle says he’s running in the Democratic Primary on June 25 in Brooklyn’s Municipal Court District 6 to be a civil court judge and role model for young people and Black boys and men.

Gayle – whose late father, Kenneth E. Gayle, Jr., had migrated to Brooklyn from Kingston, the Jamaican capital, when he was eight years old – told Caribbean Life on Sunday that he’s also done “a lot of work to increase the numbers of Black and Brown kids at specialized high schools, especially (at) Brooklyn Tech.”

Gayle, a Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn resident, said his late mother’s, Valerie Gayle, family has been living in Brooklyn for almost 100 years.

“I am a neighborhood lawyer from Brooklyn, who wants to be a judge for all people,” said Gayle after addressing the congregation at Fenimore Street United Methodist Church, at the corner of Fenimore Street and Rogers Avenue, in Brooklyn, on Sunday.

“I never went the corporate route as an attorney but instead decided to live and work in my community for my community,” he added. “Brooklyn Tech changed my life. I was a latchkey kid.”

Caribbean-American lawyer Kenneth Gayle vies for Civil Court judge to be role model for youth – Caribbean Life (3)

He said his dad became a paraplegic, when he was 8, and that his mom took care of him while battling breast cancer at a very young age, “which she ultimately succumbed to 25 years later.”

“She was the youngest person in New York State to have a double mastectomy,” Gayle disclosed. “I want to help kids in similar situations find their way and become productive members of society rather than turning to crime.

“My dad had to fight in court to find justice and restitution for his injuries,” he added. “Watching my dad fight for his rights truly inspired me. He was unable to raise me physically, but was always there emotionally.”

Gayle said his prospects of winning in the Primary are “very high if I can get my message of truth, fairness and justice out effectively to each and every community across the 6th Judicial District.”

Raised in Brooklyn’s East Flatbush neighborhood, the candidate for Kings County Civil Court judgeship said his background instilled in him “a strong commitment to education, service and community.”

He said he has been an advocate for social justice, fighting against predatory lending and deed theft, and serving with neighborhood defendant services to ensure fairness and equity in the judicial system.

Gayle’s educational journey includes attending Ebenezer Preparatory School, Brooklyn Technical High School, earning a Bachelor of Arts in political science from State University of New York (SUNY) College at Old Westbury, and obtaining his juris doctorate (law degree) from Fordham University School of Law.

As the managing partner of Kenneth Gayle, P.C., Gayle said he has over a decade of legal experience in, among others, civil rights, torts, real estate, and wills and estates.

He said his practice has seen him represent clients in Supreme, Civil and Housing Courts, giving him a “deep understanding” of the judiciary’s responsibilities.

Affiliated with notable legal organizations, such as the National Bar Association, Metropolitan Black Bar Association and the Democratic Lawyers Association, Gayle said he also contributes through pro bono work with the New York State Unified Court System Volunteer Lawyer Project since 2014.

He said his commitment to public service and extensive legal experience make him
a “qualified candidate” for Kings County Civil Court Judge in the 6th Municipal District.

Gayle said he’s an advocate for “fair and equitable access to the legal system for all Brooklyn residents, regardless of their socio-economic status”, and that he urges the use of alternative dispute resolution and community-based programs to address minor offenses and reduce recidivism.

In addition, Gayle said he maintains the “highest standards of ethics and transparency in the judiciary to foster public trust and confidence in the legal system.

“As a candidate of the 6th Municipal Court Judge in Brooklyn, I am committed to upholding justice with integrity, fairness and compassion,” he said, stressing that his dedication to “serving our community stems from a deep belief in equality and the rule of law.

“Together, we can ensure that our court system remains a pillar of trust and accountability for all Brooklyn residents,” added Gayle, stating that he looks forward to the opportunity to bring his skills and dedication to the bench, “ensuring justice and fairness for all.”

Gayle has been endorsed by several local elected officials, including Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke; Brooklyn Democratic Party Chair, Assembly Member Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn; Assembly Members Latrice Walker and Brian Cunningham; and City Council Members Darlene Mealy, Farah N. Louis and KalimanYeger.

Caribbean-American lawyer Kenneth Gayle vies for Civil Court judge to be role model for youth – Caribbean Life (2024)


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