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I've been making a variation of this cranberry relish for years. To 1 bag of cranberries I add 1/2 unpeeled orange, 1/2 apple, 1/2 pear, chopped dates and some ginger. Sweeten to taste with whatever sweetener you like - honey, maple syrup, etc. This keeps for a long time, refrigerated.


Use just the outer zest and inner pulpy section part of the orange. Leave out the white pithy part. Makes a much less bitter relish.


I make this without the pecans but with a healthy pour of cointreau, mixed into the relish at least a day before serving so it is well absorbed. Delicious!


I have also made a variation of this recipe for years, using 1/3 cup of sugar (NOT the full cup in the original recipe). It lasts in the fridge for weeks and is a delicious high fiber side dish for quick suppers -- I always make a large quantity of it for that reason. I first saw it on the back of the plastic bag that the cranberries were sold in.


There are 12 ounces of cranberries in a bag in case you don't buy the commercial variety. Easy, sweet-tart, delicious.


Really good, everyone, even the traditional meat and potatoes types, loved it. Used walnuts instead of pecans. Also used agave nectar instead of honey. Make sure orange is organic; recent Asian thrip infestation in citrus groves has resulted in increase of pesticide use. Triple what it used to be.

Mary Beth

This has been a staple on my family's holiday table since I was a child in the early 50s. Mom used sugar at first, but switched to a Splenda/sugar mix when she was diagnosed with diabetes years ago. I may try the honey. Two tricks from mom: for extra juiciness, freeze the cranberries first and partially thaw before processing; don't over process, but do stir and stir some more once the mixture is placed in a serving bowl -- the more you stir, the juicier and tastier it becomes.


Even though I took out a majority of the pith, the relish was unpleasantly bitter after sitting overnight (and I like bitter foods!). I decided to simmer it for about 10-15 minutes and the results were excellent. The flavors came together and were more balanced and the color deepened to a beautiful bright pinkish red.


I didn't have enough pecans, so I filled in with hazelnuts. Also added candied ginger for a little zing. Yum! So fast & easy?


Added some cointreau and cinnamon. Made it yummy.


Florida oranges, if available, are much better than navels in this recipe. I use 1 part sugar to 3 parts stevia product. This freezes beautifully--I eat it with yogurt for breakfast year round.


Filet white part of orange off of peel and discard.Batch process 1 C cranberry at a time. 1-2 T honeySplash Grand Marnier


You a right! It does NOT need the called for sugar; not even close! This relish is a celebration unto itself! Adjust as you see fit.
If a bit more fluid is required, I use UNDILUTED frozen OJ. =cg


We used a crank handle meat grinder putting juice oranges cut into small sections rind on and cranberries through. The children in the family love doing this because the cranberries pop. There is more liquid with juice oranges, so place a pan under the grinder. It is very bitter and needs sweetening with honey or sugar. Walnuts work well.


I've been making a variation of this cranberry relish for years. To 1 bag of cranberries I add 1/2 unpeeled orange, 1/2 apple, 1/2 pear, chopped dates and some ginger. Sweeten to taste with whatever sweetener you like - honey, maple syrup, etc. This keeps for a long time, refrigerated

Laura W

This may have been user error, but the pecans made it kind of gummy. I may have over-processed it a bit. It might be important to only use naval oranges b because I used mandarins since I couldn't find organic navals and I don't want to eat the peels of conventional citrus. I can't really say for sure about the recipe given my poor quality control. I have made a version of this before without nuts and with fresh jalapeño and powdered sugar. That comes out great for me


Way too much peel in this recipe.


A small amount (~1/4 cup) of an orange-flavored liqueur added at the beginning of cooking adds immensely to the flavor. I've tried many over the years, with Licor 43 emerging as the favorite.


How big is a bag of cranberries!? This seems like a basic omission from the recipe.


Simple and delicious. I used peels from the orange and then segmented the rest so as not to include the bitter pith. I also added a bit of orange liquor for additional orange flavor.


Can also add one chopped apples.


Please specify the size of the "bag" of cranberries in your recipe or comment!! I bought organic cranberries that are packaged in an 8 oz. bag. I assume that a "normal" size bag is 12 oz., but that may not be the case. Costco sells a very large bag of cranberries. Thank you!

sharon f

Been making this for years without the pecans, and with a few splashes of orange juice for moisture and more sweetness. Sometimes use splash of orange liqueur depending on the preferences of guests. I got my original recipe from a Jane Brody cookbook.

pete other boulder

Without the pecans and sugar instead of honey this is the joy of cooking cranberry orange relish. I have been making it since I was a kid (over 50 years). It’s a lot of sweetener but the tartness of the cranberries and the bitter of the orange peel contrast nicely with all that sugar. The tip about letting it sit is actually vital. Make it at least 24 hours ahead of time. It takes the bitter edge off the orange peel. Pecans are a great idea. Also maybe booze of some kind (cognac or brandy)


I made this with 12 oz Cranberries, 1/3 cup Swerve sweetener, zest whole orange, then peeled orange to remove pith and after all that was put through the processor i mixed it in a bowl and added 1/6th cup of Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao (a little less sweet than other orange flavored liqours like Cointreau and Gran Gala). Used it to make that Turkey sub publix has available in the fall but they usually add way too much of this orange-cranberry relish and it is much sweeter than my recipe.


Made without pecans and with unsweetened coconut flakes, delicious!

Lorraine Buttner

Add another orange, zest from oranges, one (or two) seeded chopped jalapeño, and some fresh mint. Takes it up a notch!


OMG a this was the hit of our thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was tough, the dressing was too dry, but saved by this delicious,simple relish.


This recipe is on Ocean Spray’s web site. Add some red onion for a little sharpness. Also good with a couple of shots of Worcestershire sauce. Granulated sugar is fine instead of honey. Basically, you do you.


I really liked this better after cooking on low w some extra honey for a fairly long time to let the sugar really come out of the berries. As written, my dinner companions and I found it to be too bitter. Also added Grand Marnier and followed the suggestion to zest the orange, peel and only add the orange segments. YMMV!

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Cranberry-Orange Relish Recipe (2024)


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